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Pre-British Invasion 1956-1961: Marty Wilde

May 17, 2011

Marty Wilde

Marty Wilde U.S. Releases

Beginnings – Marty Wilde & the Wilde Three

Marty Wilde was one of Britain’s first rockers first charting in the UK with a cover of Jody Reynold’s “Endless Sleep”.  The record went all the way to number 4 in the UK and he would follow with a string of covers including “Donna”, “A Teenager in Love” and “Sea of Love”.

His first group – The Wilde Three included future Moody Blue’s Justin Hayward and Joyce Baker.  He would soon team up with Big Jim Sullivan, Brian Locking and Brian Bennett who would form the Wildcats.  Locking and Bennett went on to Shadow fame.

“Bad Boy” was one of two meager US hits for Wilde peaking at number 45 in 1959. It would then be 10 years before he landed on the US charts for the last time with “Abergavenny” which was released under pseudo name Shannon.  Marty’s birth name was Reginald Leonard Smith.  One of his three children is pop singer Kim Wilde.

US Releases

“Bad Boy” and “Wilde About Marty” on Epic records were his only two US LP releases – with neither making the charts – both released in 1960.

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