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Mystery Solved: The Appalachians – Black Crowes Link

May 24, 2011

A sharp little detective up in Fort Collins, Colorado persevered on Google – actually digging down to page 10 search results – (I never have that much patience)

The Black Crowes

A Nashville Release by Stan Robinson about 1959

What she learned pretty much puts the “Appalachian” Brit Group Theory to bed – probably forever.  She located an on-line story penned by Christopher B. Eddy.  It is a brief bio of the pop group The Black Crowes.  And from the story she extracted the following:

…………”I have the same birthday as Bob Dylan. I grew up in the South. My Dad used to always play guitar for Chris and I when we were kids. I always listened to a lot of folk and bluegrass with my dad, because he knows how to play it for real. My dad was mainly a songwriter and singer. He went by his name, Stan Robinson, and had a folk band called the Appalachians, (and entered the charts in 1963 with an acoustic version of Bony Moronie). He had a few songs in the Top 40, toured with Phil Ochs, and he was on the Alan Freed Show and American Bandstand He used to play at the Ryman Auditorium at the Grand Ole Opry.” (Chris Robinson).

So – as we suspected – Stan Robinson is American – had strong folk and country roots and sired two very talented superstars (Black Crowes have sold in excess of 30 million records and have been placed in the 100 most popular artists of all time (by someone).

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