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The British Invasion: March 1964 – More Beatles & Dusty Returns

June 6, 2011

The Beatles continued their mastery holding the top spot in the U.S. for the ninth straight week.   March 28th saw the arrival of three additional Beatle Singles, “Do You Want to Know a Secret”, “All My Loving”, and “Can’t Buy Me Love”.

Three new Beatle Singles enter the U.S. charts March 28th 1964

Dusty Springfield 

Dusty Springfield was now a bonafide star in the U.S. with the arrival of her second solo single “Stay Awhile” which would reach number 38 with a seven week run.

Another Beatle Canada Single

The buying public’s (teens and pre-teens) thirst for everything Mop-Top continued and so a second Canadian Capitol release, “All My Loving” would be shipped in considerable numbers to the U.S.  These songs were being played often in markets across the U.S. directly from long play albums, which was a total departure for AM Radio in those days.  Teens would readily purchase a single perhaps still not being convinced to spend $4.79 for a long play (stereo) or $3.79 for a mono copy.  This single would make it to number 45 and depart after six weeks – due most likely to limited availability.

Hollyridge Strings vs. the Beatles?

A very peculiar occurrence was the charting of “All My Loving” by the Hollyridge Strings a few months later down the road – another Capitol Records contracted act.  The song made its debut at number 93 and was gone!

Another Vee Jay Attempt

Poor Vee Jay Records.  They were fighting the good fight against mammoth Capitol Records, packaging and re-packaging their Beatle “catalog” in every which way possible.  This extended play came out around March of 1964 – but did not enjoy any chart success.  But Vee Jay must have printed a bunch of these.  Every Beatle collector knows they are readily available for around $100 or so.  Notice that both this extended play and the “Do You Want to Know a Secret”  single display Beatle “likeness” artwork – another cease and desist demand from Capitol Records.

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