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The British Invasion: May 9th, 1964 – The Stones Roll In

June 22, 2011

From “Little Boy Blues” to “The Rolling Stones”

The Rolling Stones longevity speaks for itself.  Their entry in to the U.S. was not dramatic.  “Not Fade Away” meekly entered the Top 100 on May 9th, at the lower end of the chart.  Still fixated on the “Beatle – Bug – Mop Top” aspect of these Invaders, the U.S music media, general media, parents and so on – were not at all prepared for the Rolling Stones.

They began as a blues group with shifting lineups and in fact performed early on without a real moniker.  The original lineup consisted of Brian Knight on vocals, Geoff Bradford guitar (Cyril Davis All Stars among others), Ian Stewart, Andy Wren, Brian Jones, Paul Farmer and William Robinson.  This represents a lineup mostly performing in early 1962 and most departing by year’s end.

The Rolling Stones we would come to know would include former Little Boy Blues members Mick Jagger and Keith Richardss – both arriving in mid 1962.  They were accompanied by the arrival also of Dick Taylor on bass.  He would depart later that same year for The Pretty Things.  Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman both joined in early 1963 – and the lineup as we would know it was in place.

In and out of the group were additional members Tony Chapman drums, Bill Perks bass, Mick Taylor drums and Mick Avory also on drums.

New U.S. Chart Hits - British Invasion May 9th 1964

Peter and Gordon Arrive

May 9th marked the official entry into the Top 100 of “A World Without Love” penned by Paul McCartney (although credited to “Lennon and McCartney”  for Liverpool associates Peter Asher and Gordon Waller.  Paul would pen four of the duo’s U.S. chart hits.  Gordon Waller passed recently and his passing drew many Blog and web tributes.

Bobby Rydell, while All American – managed to enter the charts on this week with the same title, “A World Without Love” at the bottom rung – number 100. He would become the 2nd U.S. recording artist to chart with a Beatle composition – Del Shannon being by far the first with “From Me to You” in June of 1963 before the Invasion.  He had traveled to the U.K. – witnessed the hysteria, returned home and recorded the Beatle hit.  It rose only to number 77.  He would also pen Peter and Gordon’s future hit release of “I Go to Pieces”.

Bobby Rydell – The 2nd U.S. Artist to Chart with a Beatle Composition

British Invasion on the U.S. Charts – May 9th 1964

(Visit Joel Whitburn’s Record Research website presenting  Billboard Charts – see the “Links” listing page)

Number 1 – Hello Dolly – Louis Armstrong

Number 2 – Do You Want to Know a Secret – The Beatles
Number 4 – Bits and Pieces – The Dave Clark Five
Number 5 – Can’t Buy Me Love – The Beatles
Number 64 – P.S. I Love You – The Beatles (Debut – Peaked at #10)
Number 104 – Yesterday’s Gone – Chad and Jeremy (Debut – Peaked at #21)

Who would have thought that at the height of “Beatlemania” that Louis Armstrong would dethrone the Fab Four?  Danny Williams was certainly not a “British Invader” but hailed from the U.K. nonetheless.

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong - Dethroning the Beatles

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