From the Land of Band Box Records

Local Beat Number 1: KIMN – “The Denver Tiger”

July 2, 2011

Radio station KIMN jumped onto the Beatle bandwagon in a big way.  Week after week their “Top 50” survey sheet featured the Fab Four and increased in intensity as the summer months of 1964 approached: The Beatles were coming to the Mile High City!

KIMN Radio Surveys - 1964

KIMN Studios - "Home of the Happy Sounds"

 KIMN Studios was located just south of Sloan’s Lake off Sheridan Blvd.  The structure long ago was scraped to make way for a strip mall.  Arlan’s Department Store sat just to the northwest behind KIMN.  The station lead the way for nearly three decades serving the teen audience and sponsoring nearly every rock and roll happening in the Mile High City. 

I stopped by KIMN on more than one occasion very late on a weekend evening with a friend.  The front door would be unlocked (11 PM or later) and only the late night DJ would be on hand.  I recall sitting in the glassed in lobby looking into the broadcast studio watching Jay Mack broadcast – performing his many character voices including Niles and Farley.  He would open up the lobby microphone during record spins and talk with us for as long as we stayed on.

Enjoy the KIMN Memory Website – The site features links to many other early Denver rock and roll stations.

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