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The British Invasion: May 30th, 1964

July 6, 2011

“Sie Liebt Dich” by The Beatles

A quite week for the Invasion in the U.S.  The Beatles entered the charts with their German version of “She Love’s You” with “Sie Liebt Dich”.  Swan records only had access to three Beatle cuts, with “I’ll Get You” being the third.  The record is moderately difficult to find but out there. Like many recordings for any artists but especially the Beatles, the promotional label version of this record which is black print on white background is worth about five times the commercial release.

“Don’t Throw Your Love Away” by The Searchers

Their 4th charting release in the U.S., the song would climb to number 16.

British Invasion on the U.S. Charts – May 30th 1964

The Beatles & Searchers back on the U.S. Charts

(Visit Joel Whitburn’s Record Research website presenting  Billboard Charts)

Number 1 – Love Me Do – The Beatles
Number 7 – A World Without Love – Peter & Gordon)
Number 8 – Little Children – Billy J.Kramer & Dakotas
Number 69 – Don’t Throw Your Love Away – The Searchers (Debut – Peaked at #16)
Number 108 – Sie Liebt Dicht – The Beatles (Debut – Peaked at #97)

From Teeny Boppers to Grown Men – Beatles Memorabilia Number 1

Attend an oldies record fair, or search Ebay for Fab Four Collectibles, and you will soon notice that the competing market for Beatle Memorabilia and rare early vinyl, is nearly always grown, aging, baby-boomer men.  They are easy to spot.  Usually their gray Beatle haircuts give them away.  They are VERY serious, and will go to great lengths to get what they want.  The original commercial market for Beatlemania was almost unanimously teeny-bopper girls.  Woolworth’s, and five-and-dimes everywhere loaded up their shelves with NEMS (Brian Epstein’s company) contracted items from rings, to perfume, to dolls, to clothing and much more.

Beatles Collectibles

Ice Cream box = $400 today’s value
Nestle’s Quik = $1,000 today’s value
Beatles Coin Holder Display = $7,000 today’s value

The Quik promotion also offers a set of Beatle inflatible dolls, which today go for around $100 but if you can find them with their original box – add another $300 or so.

Visit “Beatles Fab Collectibles” website to oogle over unbelievable collectibles or to purchase!
Visit this “Beatles Collectibles Blog”
Visit this article: “The Five Most Expensive Beatles Collectibles”
Read about the Searchers on “British Invasion Radio”

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