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The British Invasion: Back Beat Number 3

October 2, 2011

Rory Storm and the Hurricanes

These guys formed in Liverpool, according to chronicler Pete Frame, in 1959.  Two members of the Raving Texans, Rory Storm and Johnny Guitar were joined by Ty Brian (lead guitar), Lu Walters (bass) and Ringo Starr who came over from the Eddie Clayton Skiffle Group.  Ringo remained with the Hurricanes until late summer 1962 when he was tapped to replace the very popular Beatle drummer, Pete Best.

A very young Ringo Starr with the Hurricanes

Rory’s given name was Alan Caldwell.  When he formed the Hurricanes, he took the name Al Storm but changed to “Rory” as a tribute to Brit Rocker Rory Blackwell.  Ringo was replaced by drummer Gibson Kemp.  The Hurricanes were bonafide beat rockers, and they rose to lofty status amoung the Liverpool groups.  Dominoe Bobby Thompson would join them in 1962.  Along the way many would pass through the group including drummer Keef Hartler (1963) and bass player Vince Earl who later fronted the Connoisseurs. 

The Hurricanes enjoyed a 10 year run, finally hanging it up in 1967.  Rory passed away in 1972.

Dave Clark Five Earn Doll Honors

The only other British Invasion Group who I believe were honored with a set of likeness dolls produced by Brian Epstein’s NEMS – were the DC Five.  Dave was replicated with a full size doll with the other DC four in smaller scale.  This is a real find in the original box as shown.

Nottingham's Dolls - The DC Five

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