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The British Invasion: August 22nd, 1964

November 2, 2011

The Week the Beatles Came to Red Rocks!

This was the big week for Denver.  The ampitheater at Red Rocks – although a small venue by comparison, could not be resisted by the Fab Four.  They appeared on August 25th.  Reports would have it later that Red Rocks was the one concert that did not sell out on the Beatles’ first U.S. Tour.  I have recently spoken with three people who were there that day, and each of them said the seats and side steps were absolutely packed.

What actually transpired was when the gate chains were lowered the crowd stormed past the ticket takers in many cases because seating was first-come-first serve, and there were simply not enough ticket takers.  My wife was there that day and she still has her in-tact ticket from the event.  The photo below is a fantastic history capturing moment snapped by my wife (black and white) and another by a friend (in color).  Oh well.  At least they were in about the 15th row up.

Red Rocks Yeah Yeah Yeah August 1964

Jackie DeShannon appeared with the Beatles as did the Righteous Brothers that evening long ago.  That night my wife and her friend attempted to book a room at Denver’s Brown Palace where the Beatles resided.  The best they could do was the adjoining hotel which had a connecting upper tunnel.  They attempted to cross into the Brown, but were intercepted by security and sent back to their rooms.

“I Touched the Beatles”!!

The next morning early, hundreds of screaming girls gathered at the main entrance to the hotel to watch the Beatles depart for the airport (Stapleton).  My wife and her friend were on the opposite side of the Brown – noticing that the hotel staff were looking down onto the back street from windows.  So the girls hung around and sure enough in a few minutes a large limo pulled up at the side entrance and the four lads burst from a door toward the car.  The girls had them all to themselves.  My wife touched John as he ran by and then grabbed George’s coat.  He yanked it away and jumped into the limo.  Her friend threw herself across the hood of the limo and had to be removed.  Those were the days!

Billy J. Kramer hit the charts this week with “From a Window” as did American P.J. Proby who joined the Invaders by coming to the U.S. through the U.K. where he was much more popular.  “Hold Me” was his only London label chart record.  He would later appear on the Liberty label.

Billy J. Kramer and P.J, Proby

 British Invasion on the U.S. Billboard Charts – August 22nd, 1964

(Visit Joel Whitburn’s Record Research website presenting Billboard Charts)

(Number 1 Supremes – Where Did Our Love Go)

Top Invaders:
Number 3 – A Hard Day’s Night – The Beatles
Number 5 – Animals – The House of the Rising Sun
Number 7 – Dave Clark Five – Because
Number 9 – Wishin & Hopin – Dusty Springfield
Number 10 – Gerry & Pacemakers – How Do You Do It

Billy J. Kramer & Dakotas – From a Window – #92
P.J. Proby – Hold Me – #134

Invaders on the Billboard Charts
Chad & Jeremy – A Summer Song #85
Peter & Gordon – Nobody I Know – #41
Billy J. Kramer & Dakotas – I’ll Keep You Satisfied – #30
Millie Small – Sweet William – #51
Rolling Stones – Tell Me – #27
Beatles – Ain’t She Sweet – #19
Beatles – I’ll Cry Instead – #29
Cliff Richard & the Shadows – Bachelor Boy – #109
Beatles – And I Love Her – #17
Beatles – If I Fell – #57
Gale Garnett – We’ll Sing in the Sunshine #62
Brian Poole – Someone Someone – #106
Searchers – Someday We’re Gonna Love Again #67

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