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Back Beat: British Invasion 1964 – The Action

November 11, 2011

BeaT Group – The Action


The Action formed somewhere around 1963 in Kentish Town in the U.K. and were known originally as “The Boyfriends”.  They backed singer Sandra Brown.  They then became “The Boys” and finally settled on “The Action”.  Original members of the Boyfriends included Reggie King, Alan Bam King, MikeEvans and Roger Powell.  Peter Watson would join the lineup that was known as “The Action”.  Later members would include would include Savoy Brown’s Martine Stone and Ian Whitman.  The group had a single U.S. based released single “Never Ever/24th Hour” on Capitol which did not chart.  They recorded on Parlophone in the U.K. with a couple of releases which also failed to chart.  The group disbanded in 1968 at the end of the Invasion Era.

Members evolved into the group “Azoth” in later laters and then Alan King, Evans, Powell and Stone formed Mighty Baby. Members performed in the 1970’s with several groups including Ace, Habibiyya, Chilli Willi, and the Pink Fairies.

August/September Invasion Albums

Invasion Long Plays during August & September 1964

 The above LP’s were among a handful released in the U.S. during August and September, 1964. “American Tour” charted at number 11, “The Animals” at number 7, “Off the Beatle Track at number 111, “Yesterday’s Gone” at number 22, and “This is Us” number 98.  Jackie DeShannon’s release spun off the distinction of her being on the first Beatle U.S. Tour and did not chart but is highly collectible today.

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