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The British Invasion: October 3rd, 1964

December 28, 2011

The Zombies

Enter the Zombies!

(See the Comment from a contributor below updating/correcting my mistakes with this band)

The Zombies made their debut onto the American Charts this week with She’s not there.  The veteran group formed around 1959 with Colin Blunstone on lead vocals, Rod Argent (keyboards), Paul Atkinson (guituar), Hugh Grundy (drums) and Paul Arnold (bass).  Arnold would depart prior to the U.S. arrival of the group – and landed with the Overlanders in time for “Yesterday’s Gone”.  Two members of Unit Four Plus 2 and The Roulettes (Adam Faith’s backing group)  – Bob Henrit (drums) and Russ Ballard, would later join the group.

Blunstone and Ballard would both follow Rod Argent into a 70’s group bearing his name “Argent” of “Hold Your Head Up” fame – a 1972 top 10 hit.  Not to be outdone  – Colin Blunstone would form “Blunstone”.

British Invasion 1964 - October 1964

Casey Kasem?

Host of “American Top Forty” radio countdown – Kasem weighed in with his contribution for a single week at 103 with “A Letter from Elaina” – a fan’s response from the Beatles’ 1964 San Francisco performance.  Quite dumb and quite typical for 1964. The George Martin picture sleeve released in October of 1964 shown below is very hard to find and when you do – be prepared to pay in the neighborhood of $800 to $900!  The record was a “two-sided” hit.

The British Invasion October 3rd, 1964

British Invasion on the U.S. Billboard Charts – October 3rd, 1964

(Visit Joel Whitburn’s Record Research website presenting Billboard Charts)

Top Invaders: (Number 1 – Oh Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison – 2nd Week)

Number 2 – Manfred Mann – Do Wah Diddy Diddy
Number 9 – We’ll Sing in the Sunshine – Gale Garnett

Dave Clark Five – Everybody Knows – #66 – Peaks at Number 15
Peter and Gordon – I Don’t Want to See You Again – #84 – Peaks at Number 16
Casey Kasem – A Letter from Elaina – #103 – Peaks at Number 103
Rita Pavone – Wait for Me – #110
George Martin – I Should Have Know Better – #114 – Peaks at Number 111
Zombies – She’s Not There – #116 – Peaks at Number 2
Buchanon & Goodman – The Invasion – #120
George Martin – A Hard Day’s Night – #122 – Peaks at Number 122
Swinging Blue Jeans – Promise You’ll Tell Her – #130 – Peaks at Number 130

Brian Poole – Someone Someone – #111
Animals – The House of the Rising Sun #8
Gerry & Pacemakers – I Like It – #48
Kinks – You Really Got Me – #81
Animals – I’m Crying – #61
Dusty Springfield – All Cried Out – #75
Honeycombs – Have I the Right – #61
Dave Clark 5 – Because – #32
Bachelors – I Wouldn’t Trade You For the World – #76
Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night #24
Beatles – Matchbox – #18
Beatles – Slow Down – #27
Nashville Teens – Tobacco Road – #44
Billy J. Kramer & Dakotas – From Window – #23
Chad & Jeremy – A Summer Song #12
Searchers – Someday We’re Gonna Love Again #4
Cilla Black – It’s for You – #79


  1. Um, you got it completely wrong on the Zombies, I’m afraid. Let’s see: Paul Arnold, their original bassist, left to go to medical school; he did not remain in the music business. He was replaced by Chris White, who became their second songwriter alongside Rod Argent. Russ Ballard and Bob Henrit did not join the Zombies; they joined the band Argent, which Rod Argent formed after the Zombies disbanded in 1968. Colin Blunstone did not join “Argent” the band – he became a solo artist. There is no band called “Blunstone”.

  2. I do stand corrected. I ran across another bit of information stating that Colin Blunstone re-recorded and released “She’s Not There” under the name “Neil MacArthur” – around 1970? And then I located several UK releases – some with a picture sleeve.

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