From the Land of Band Box Records

The British Invasion: Back Beat Number 24

February 22, 2012

Sounds Incorporated

Sounds Incorporated formed around 1961 out of the London area.  They were an instrumental group that often backed other U.K. acts such as Tommy Quickly and Cilla Black.    Members of the group were involved in the recording of the Sgt. Peppers’ composition “Good Morning, Good Morning”.  Members included Griff West & Alan Holmes (both on saxophone), John St. Clair (guitar), Barrie Cameron (keyboards), Tony Newman (drums), West Hunt/Hunter (bass) and John Gilliard (guitar) performing at different intervals.  Newman went on to play with Jeff Beck, David Bowie and eventually joined the group Boxer in the mid 1970’s.

The Shadows

The Shadows were the influencers for 100s of U.K. beat groups.  They started off as the Drifters in the late 1950’s.  Their most famous line-up included Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch (guitars), Tony Meehan (drums), and Jet Harris (bass).  The backed early U.K. rocker Cliff Richard, and performed alone.  Every one except Welch had played with the Vipers.  Marvin and Welch had both been members the Five Chestnuts.  Harris and Meehan teamed up for a while after the Shadows.  Many others passed through the group including Brian Bennett (drums) and Liquorice Locking – both formerly with Marty Wilde’s Wildcats.

The Merseybeats

The Merseybeats (later the Merseys) formed in late 1961 and were originally the Mavericks and some were members of the Pacifics.  Band members included Bill Kinsley (bass), Tony Crane (vocals), Dave Elias (guitar), Frank Sloane (drums) and Billy Butler (also on vocals).  Kinsley and Crane later played with the Fruit Eating Bears.  Other notables passing through the ranks included Johnny Gustafson (bass) who performed with Cass and the Casanovas, the Big Three and the Seniors to name a few.

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