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The British Invasion: May 8th, 1965

April 19, 2012

Early On: The Invasion Officially Begins

Recalling the earliest rumblings of the Invasion in the U.S. from a  Chart perspective, the earliest sightings were The Tornadoes (Tornados in the U.S.) who rode their 1962 monster “Telstar” to additional minor landings with “Ridin’ the Wind” (#63 Feb 1963), and “Like Locomotion” (#119 in December 1963), and there was Cliff Richard (with the Shadows) with a pair including “Lucky Lips” (#62 in August) and “It’s All in the Game” (#25 in December – his biggest U.S. hit prior to the 1970’s when he would land twice in the Top Ten (“Devil Woman” #6, and “We Don’t Talk Anymore” #7).

We acknowledged the brief appearance of “From Me to You” on VJ Records by the Beatles on August 3rd as the earliest rumbling.  The song peaked at number 116 with a 3 week run.  This Del Shannon advertisement for “From Me to You” was perhaps the earliest signal (displayed below the June 1963 Cliff Richard placement).  No other fanfare was made regarding the authorship of the Shannon release – just another middle-of-the-road record peaking at number 77.

Summer of 1963 - They Are Coming


On May 8th, the Irish group Them would land their International Anthem “Gloria” onto the Charts.  Amazingly this single would only reach number 93.  The Chicago-based Shadows of Knight would take it all the way to number 10 in March of the following year.  Side Note: Gloria failed to enter the U.K. charts altogether, and this coming on the heels of a number 7 “Here Comes the Night”.

The Beatles Today – Collectibility!

This gem just completed an auction run on Ebay – It was presented by Beatle collectible expert Perry Cox.  It is the 1963 U.K. release of the Beatles’ “Please Please Me” long play album.  This was their debut album.  It is signed by all four members and perhaps just as important, is certified by a world Beatle collectible expert Frank Caiazzo as well as by Perry himself.

From Me to You Brings Big Beatle Bucks!

Final Winning Bid? $24,675!

Check out Perry’s amazing web site for the ultimate in Beatle Collectibles.

The Top of the Charts May 8th (from Billboard Magazine)

Number 1 – Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter – (2nd week at #1)

Number 2 – Ticket to Ride – The Beatles – (up from #18)

Number 4 – The Game of Love – Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders –  (down from #2)

Number 5 – I’ll Never Find Another You – (2nd week at #5)

Number 6 – I Know a Place – Petula Clark – (down from #3)

Number 7 – Silhouettes – Herman’s Hermits – (up from #8)

Number 8 – I’m Telling You Now – Freddie & the Dreamers (down from #4)

Number 9 – The Last Time – The Rolling Stones – (2nd week at #9)

Number 3 – Tired of Waiting for You – The Kinks – (down from #6)

Number 19 – Go Now – The Moody Blues – ( down from #13)

Number 23 – It’s Gonna Be Alright – Gerry & Pacemakers – (up from #26)

Number 17 – Eight Days a Week – The Beatles (down from number 11)

Number 25 – Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat – Herman’s Hermits – (down from #16)

Chart Debuts May 8th, 1965:

Number 113 – Gloria – Them

Number 135 – You Turn Me On – Ian Whitcomb & Bluesville

Billboard Advertisements can be ordered at Google Books.
Joel Whitburn’s Record Research (Billboard)
Billboard Today!

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