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The British Invasion: June 26th, 1965

April 30, 2012

Beatle Auction Item of the Week!

This week on Ebay – Perry Cox auctioned off this 1962 Parlophone publicity card signed by both Paul McCartney and John Lennon.  Winning bid was $3,249!

Publicity Card bring $3K Plus

January 1965 Billboard Ad for the Moodies First!

The Zombies

They entered the charts with a very minor hit (peaking at number 95 with a 3 week run. Manfred Mann’s “My Little Red Book” rose no higher than #124.

The Top of the Charts June 26th, 1965

(from Billboard Magazine)

Number 4 – Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones (up from #26)
Number 5 – Wonderful World – Herman’s Hermits (up from #6)
Number 7 – For Your Love – The Yardbirds (up from #9)
Number 14 – You Turn Me On – Ian Whitcomb (up from #21)
Number 17 – Before & After – Chad & Jeremy (2nd week #17)
Number 20 – Ticket to Ride – The Beatles (down from #11)
Number 23 – Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter (down from #14)
Number 24 – Shakin All Over – The Guess Who (2nd week at #24)
Number 25 – Catch the Wind – Donovan – (2nd week at #25)
Number 26 – True Love Ways – Peter & Gordon (down from #19)

Chart Debuts May June 26th, 1965:

Number 98 – I Want You Back Again – The Zombies
Number 124 – My Little Red Book – Manfred Mann

Marianne's 1964 Promo Ad

Joel Whitburn’s Record Research (based on Billboard)

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