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The British Invasion: July 10th, 1965

May 4, 2012

The Earliest Beatles Sightings

Check this out – KMEN Radio in San Bernardino – I found this July 12th, 1963 Survey placing the Fab Four all the way into the Top Ten on that local outlet with their VJ release “From Me to You”.  That’s a month before they barely entered the Bubbling Under charts on Billboard where they ran for five weeks and peaked at number 115.  Perhaps the San Bernardino.  We also know the record did manage to chart in Los Angeles (KRLA), and Seattle (KJR) that same month.  The very earliest landing I can find for this record is on San Bernadino’s KFXM AM 590 where the song is listed at number 50 with the group miss spelled “The Beattles”.  You can view the actual survey on this fantastic site, The ARSA radio survey Project.

Here’s another U.S. pathfinder radio station – Here the Beatles’ “She Loves You” is residing on the WIBG Top 99 out of Philadelphia at number 80 – and this one is dated September of 1963 which most likely means they were spinning the very rare Swan Records white label issue which preceded the black label version which placed on the national charts in January of 1964.  Who knows – they were probably playing one of the DJ issued versions as well!

WIBG Radio – September 1963

The Top of the Charts July 10th, 1965

(from Billboard Magazine)

Number 1 – Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones (up from #2)
Number 4 – Wonderful World – Herman’s Hermits (2nd week at #4)
Number 9 – You Turn Me On – Ian Whitcomb (up from #12)
Number 11 – For Your Love – The Yardbirds (down from #6)
Number 13 – I’m Henry the VIII – Herman’s Hermits (up from #42)
Number 19 – A World of Our Own – The Seekers (up from #25)
Number 17 – Before & After – Chad & Jeremy (3rd week at #17)
Number 22 – Shakin All Over – The Guess Who (2nd week at #22)
Number 26 – Here Comes the Night – Them (up from #28)
Number 28 – Marie – The Bachelor (up from #40)
Number 30 – Set Me Free – The Kinks (up from #41)
Number 20 – Ticket to Ride – The Beatles (down from #11)
Number 23 – Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter (down from #14) Number 25 – Catch the Wind – Donovan – (2nd week at #25)
Number 26 – True Love Ways – Peter & Gordon (down from #19)

Chart Debuts May July 10th, 1965

Number 124 – In the Middle of Nowhere – Dusty Springfield (peaks at #108)

Joel Whitburn’s Record Research (based on Billboard)

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