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The British Invasion: October 30th, 1965

July 1, 2012

The Beatles’ Yesterday….

…”Butcher Cover” was already a thing of the past – quickly pasted over and then replaced with the safe version..

The Butcher is Gone

Them Take Back-Seat..

..to their label mates – The Bachelors

A California Appearance by Them….

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The Top of the Charts October 30th, 1965

(from Billboard Magazine)

Number 1 – Yesterday – The Beatles (4th week at #1)

Number 3 – Get Off My Cloud – The Rolling Stones (up from #4)

Number 13 – Just a Little Bit Better – Herman’s Hermits (down from number 7)

Number 20 – Everyone’s Gone to the Moon – Jonathan King (up from #28)

October 30th, 1965 Invasion Debuts

Number 97 – Mystic Eyes – Them (peaks at #33)

Number 134 – Don’t Pity Me – Peter & Gordon (peaks at #83)

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