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The British Invasion: December 11th, 1965

July 25, 2012

The Beatles charged back with…

… a double sided smash – “We Can Work it Out” and “Day Tripper” both would eventually be included on the celebrated “Yesterday and Today” album – which came out in the summer of 1966.  – Very few of us ever saw the original cover anywhere – much less in a vinyl store outlet.  Capitol Records did not want this cover to land on the American market – but the Beatles (especially John) did – and they received reluctant support from their manager – Brian Epstein – Apparently about three-quarters of a million copies were distributed – but retailers balked. A memo went out from Capitol demanding return of the ill-fated package.  Most made it back to Capitol – some did not of course – and a legend was born.  The record is not hard to locate in paste-over and cover-removed states but always commands a nice price!  For an unbelievable narrative of the entire Butcher Cover tale….visit Bruce Spizer’s website and click on the “Books from Bruce Spizer” link.

It’s a Butcher Baby!

The Who silently entered the Charts with…

….”My Generation” – a song destined to become a Teen Anthem – but likely not appreciated – topping out at number 74 in the United States.

Talkin’ bout….

The Top of the Charts December 11th, 1965

(from Billboard Magazine)

(Number 1 – Turn Turn Turn – The Byrds for the second week)

Number 4 – Over and Over – The Dave Clark Five (up from #10)

Number 15 – Get Off My Cloud – The Rolling Stones (down from #11)

Number 17 – I’m a Man – The Yardbirds (up from 22)

Number 27 – You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away – The Silkie (down from #14)

Number 29 – Make it Easy on Yourself – The Walker Brothers (down from #16)

Number 30 – Here It Comes Again – The Fortunes (2nd week at #30)

December 11th, 1965 Hot 100 Invasion Debuts

Number 94 – Go Away From My World – Marianne Faithfull

“Bubbling Under” the Hot 100

Another Double Side Monster

Day Tripper would Win the Day

Number 101 – We Can Work It Out – The Beatles (flip side of Day Tripper)

Number 103 – Day Tripper – The Beatles – (flip side of We Can Work it Out)

Number 112 – Walk Hand in Hand – Gerry & the Pacemakers (peaks at #103)

Number 124 – My Generation – The Who (peaks at #74)

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