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The British Invasion: December 25th, 1965

July 31, 2012

The Invasion in late 1965…

..barely resembled the early days in 1964 – The volume of releases had settled in to established acts – not all things British.  And of course the Beatles were forever paving the way …. The Rolling Stones dusted off their composition “As Tears Go By” which had been released by their label mate Marianne Faithfull in late 1964 – where it peaked at number 20.  They would enter the Top Ten with the release.

Tears Go By for the 2nd Time

This promo sleeve contains no MGM label number

This Herman’s Hermits’ picture sleeve most likely contained a DJ copy of MGM release 13500 in early 1966 – “Leaning on the Lampost/Hold On” and fetches well over $200 when it comes to auction – which is seldom.


The Top of the Charts December 25th, 1965

(from Billboard Magazine)

(Number 1 – Turn Turn Turn – The Byrds for the 3rd week)

Number 2 – Over and Over – The Dave Clark Five (2nd week at #2)

Number 11 – We Can Work it Out – The Beatles (up from #36)

Number 24 – It’s My Life – The Animals (2nd week at #24)

Number 25 – I’m a Man – The Yardbirds (2nd week at #25)

Number 28 – Day Tripper – The Beatles (up from #56)

December 25th, 1965 Hot 100 Invasion Debuts

Number 48 – A Must to Avoid – Herman’s Hermits (peaks at #8)

Number 79 – As Tears Go By – Rolling Stones (peaks at #6)

“Bubbling Under” the Hot 100

Number 101 – Where the Sun Has Never Shown – Jonathan King (debut – peaks at #97)
Number 103 – Walk Hand in Hand – Gerry & the Pacemakers (2nd week at #103)
Number 114 – Yesterday Man – Chris Andrews (up from #124)
Number 131 – How Can You Tell – Sandi Shaw (debut – peaks at #131)

Brian & Tremeloes – 1964 – Parted Ways Soon After

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