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The British Invasion: January 29th, 1966

August 28, 2012

The days of surprises..

…for the British Invasion in the U.S. were all but over.  The excitement of the groups appearing in rapid succession “out of nowhere” was now routine – expected.  Some of the earliest were already finished – others would endure for years – and always the occasional “latest thing”.

DC Five with Chart Appearance Number 15

American “Invaders” Ridin’ in on The Ship


The British Invasion on the Hot 100 – January 29th, 1966

(from Billboard Magazine)

(The Beatles Rebound – Back to Number 1)

Number 1 – We Can Work it Out – The Beatles (up from #2 and 3rd week at #1)

Number 5 – As Tears Go By – The Rolling Stones (up from #9)

Number 8 – A Must to Avoid – Herman’s Hermits (2nd week at #8)

Number 13 – Day Tripper – The Beatles (down from #5)

Number 19 – A Well Respected Man (up from #24)

January 29th, 1966 Hot 100 Invasion Debuts

Number 87 – My Ship is Coming In – The Walker Brothers (peaks at #63)

Number 100 – Take Me For What I’m Worth – The Searchers

“Bubbling Under” the Hot 100

Number 101 – At the Scene – The Dave Clark 5 (peaks at #18)

Number 114 – Yesterday Man – Chris Andrews

Number 124 – The Keys to My Soul – The Silkie (peaks at #124)

This and That U.S. Artists

The Knickerbockers (from New Jersey) were immediately thought by many upon their release of “Lies” (#22 this week) to be a U.K. Invader – something that I am sure they did nothing to dissuade.

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