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The British Invasion: March 19th, 1966

October 6, 2012

The Rolling Stones….

….secured the number 2 position for “19th Nervous Breakdown” the record’s peak position – their sixth Top 10 appearance through March of 1966.

Twice as Much …

…was Dave Skinner and Andrew Rose – on U.S. label MGM

Twice as Much – Sittin on a Fence

Twice as Much – June 1966

Early Bowie – Alan Price & Flower Pots – September 1967

Back Beat A to Z: Alby & the Sorrals

Alby and Sorrals

The original group formed in 1961 through 1963.  The group was previously called The Cadillacs. Here is an extended and comprehensive story about the Sorrals from their drummer.

Alby Ellis – Vocals
Maurice Daniels – Drums Went to The Coins
Dave Foley – Bass Went to The Nocturns (63)
Keith Draper – L Guitar Went to The Nocturns (63)
Brian Cox – R Guitar Went to The Nocturns (63)

Other Members included:

Pete Dobson – Sax Formerly with The Black Cats
Rod Long – L Guitar
Frank Dudley – Bass
Brian Johnson – R Guitar

The British Invasion on the Hot 100 – March 19th, 1966

(from Billboard Magazine)

(Sgt Barry Sadler’s “Ballad of the Green Berets” at #1 for 3rd week)

Number 2 – 19th Nervous Breakdown – The Rolling Stones (up from #6)

Number 4 – Nowhere Man – The Beatles – (up from #7)

Number 6 – Listen People – Herman’s Hermits – (down from #3)

Number 20 – Woman – Peter & Gordon (up from #26)

March 19th, 1966 Hot 100 Invasion Debuts

Number 72 – Shapes of Things – The Yardbirds (up from #129)

“Bubbling Under” the Hot 100

Number 117 – David McCallum – Communication

Number 129 – Hedgehopper’s Anonymous – Don’t Push Me (previously in the bubbling under)

Number 130 – Stop – The Moody Blues (previously in the bubbling under)

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