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The British Invasion: May 21st, 1966

December 1, 2012

Dusty Springfield

….entered the Hot 100 for the ninth time and what would be her eventual second time into the Top Ten (#4).  “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” was her biggest charting record if not best-selling single.  Philips released the single with both a yellow and green background.

Springfield, Dusty - Philips 40371 PS 1 GRN - You Don't Have to Say You Love Me

Springfield, Dusty - Philips 40371 PS 1 YLW - You Don't Have to Say You Love Me

Back Beat A to Z:


The original group formed in 1968 until sometime in 1969.  Group members included Keith Baker – Drums who went on to  Uriah Heep (70; Terry Poole – Bass – who jointed Graham Bond (69) and then Vinegar Joe; Dave Clempson – Guitar – later with Colosseum (69), then Humble Pie (71),  Strange Brew (75), Steve Marriott’s All Stars (76), The Rough Diamond (76-77) and Champion (77-79) to name a few.


A Band of Angels

This group formed about 1964 and included Mike D  Abo – Vocals who found more fame with Manfred Mann – He later formed Smith D’Abo (76); John Baker – Guitar; Christian  Gaynor – Guitar; James Rugge-Price – Bass; and David Wilkonson – Drums.  This information was cited from the excellent Brith Site: The British Beat Boom.

Band of Angels

The British Invasion on the Hot 100 – May 21, 1966

(from Billboard Magazine)

(Monday Monday – Mamas and Papas – #1 3rd straight week)

Number 5 – A Groovy Kind of Love – The Mindbenders (up from #13)
Number 13 – The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore – The Walker Brothers (up from #18)
Number 15 – Leaning on the Lampost – Herman’s Hermits (down from #12)
Number 19 – Paint it Black – The Rolling Stones (up from #48)
Number 21 – Shapes of Things – The Yardbirds (down from #11)

Hot 100 Debuts May 21st, 1966

Number 76 – You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me – Dusty Springfield
Number 79 – Don’t Bring Me Down – The Animals (up from #118)
Number 80 – Dedicated Follower of Fashion – The Kinks (up from #115)

“Bubbling Under” the Hot 100

Number 116 – Speak Her Name – David and Jonathan (back on charts)

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