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The British Invasion: June 4th, 1966

December 16, 2012

Crispian St. Peters entered…

….the U.S. charts for the first time with his smash “You Were On My Mind”.  Crispian (real name Peter Smith) had fronted the group – The Puppets which included Des O’Reilly – Drums formerly with The Rebels (a very obscure group), the Bobcats, and the Liverpool’s Rory Storm & the Hurricanes (62); Jim Whittle – Bass formerly with The Thunderbeats;  and Dave Millen – Guitar formerly with The Bobcats.

Peter and the Puppets

Peter and the Puppets

“The Pied Piper{ would climb all the way to number 4 and be his only entry into the Top Ten in the States.  His later hit in the U.S. “You Were On My Mind” (July 1967) was his debut performance in the U.K. charting at #2 in January of 1966. Chrispian had formerly performed with several beat groups including Formula Three; The Hard Travellers; The Country Gentlemen; The Beat Formula Three; and Peter & The Wolves.

Headed for the Top Ten

Headed for the Top Ten

Beat Sheets

Beat Sheet 1

Back Beat A to Z: The Beat Merchants

The Beat Merchants formed around 1962 in Horsham Sussex and known at the Hustlers.  Original members included Chris Boyle – Vocals (departed in 1965); Ralph Worman – Guitar (departed 1965); Geoff Farndell – Bass;  Gavin Deneski – Guitar; and Les Rogers – Drums.  Vic Sendall on drums joined later – He was formerly with the Texans.  Visit The Beat Merhants on British Beat Boom for the long version.

Beat Merchants from Sussex

Beat Merchants from Sussex

The British Invasion in the Top 30 on the Hot 100 – June 4th, 1966

(from Billboard Magazine)

(When a Man Loves a Woman – Percy Sledge – #1 1st week)

Number 2 – A Groovy Kind of Love – The Mindbenders (up from #5)

Number 3 – Paint it Black – The Rolling Stones (up from #3)

Number 16 – The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore – The Walker Brothers (down from #13)

Number 23 – You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me – Dusty Springfield (up from #49)

Number 30 – Don’t Bring Me Down – The Animals (up from #47)

Hot 100 Debuts June 4th, 1966

No Top 100 Debuts this week

“Bubbling Under” the Hot 100

Number 101 – Look Before You Leap – The Dave Clark Five

Number 116 – The Pied Piper – Crispian St. Peters

Number 129 – You Don’t Love Me – Gary Walker (Walker Brothers)

Their 18th Charting Single

Their 18th Charting Single

“Look Before You Leap” would only reach number 101 but would soon be followed by the flip “Please Tell Me Why” which rallied all the way to number 28.


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