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The British Invasion: June 18th, 1966

January 2, 2013

Back Beat: Dusty Springfield in 1964!

Dusty Springfield has the distinction of beating the Beatles onto the U.S. charts with “I Only Want to Be With You” which made its debut on January 11th, 1964 at number #122 – “I Want to Hold Your Hand” followed onto the charts on January 18th, 1964 at number 45.  It would go on to reach the top spot for seven consecutive weeks to be dethroned by “She Love’s You” which ran at number 1 for two weeks – then “Can’t Buy Me Love” following for five weeks.  Louis Armstrong’s “Hello Dolly” finally put a temporary end to the run on May 9th peaking for a single week at the top.

Dusty’s debut apart from the Springfields – would rise to the number 12 spot.  Dusty enjoyed a long run during the Invasion Era – charting 23 times up through 1969 and six more times up until her final chart appearance with “What Have I Done to Deserve This?” with the Pet Shop Boys – and peaking at number 2!  Dusty passed away on March 2nd, 1999.

The Springfields had earlier charted four times in the 1960’s with “Silver Threads and Golden Needles” being their pinnacle appearance at #20 in August of 1962.

Enjoy this “Dusty Day 2010” tribute to the truly top female UK Invader for my money.

The British Invasion in the Top 30 on the Hot 100 – June 18th, 1966

(from Billboard Magazine)

Number 1 – Paint it Black – The Rolling Stones (2nd week at #1)

Number 6 – A Groovy Kind of Love – The Mindbenders (down from #5)

Number 12 – You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me – Dusty Springfield (up from #17)

Number 15 – Paperback Writer – The Beatles (up from #28)

Number 17 – Don’t Bring Me Down – The Animals (up from #22)

Hot 100 Debuts June 18th, 1966

No Hot 100 Debuts

“Bubbling Under” the Hot 100

Number 102 – Look Before You Leap – The Dave Clark Five (peaks at #101)

“Look Before You Leap” was the flip side of “Please Tell Me Why” which resided at number 61 this week and was their second two-sided hit (and last two-sided hit).  Their first came in 1965 – “Reelin’ and Rockin'” (#23) b/w “I’m Thinking” (#128).

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