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Leavin’ Surf City and More from Colorado!

April 10, 2013

The Saints on Band Box

I just located this note regarding the recording on Band Box single catalog #341 “Leavin’ Surf City” b/w “Fever” (not the Leiber/Stoller version).

“This song was written by Dave Barhite and recorded in the fall of 1963.  It hit the Top 100 of the Billboard charts, with Dave on lead vocals and guitar, Mrs. Barhite (Dave’s wife) on backing vocals, Daryl Kennedy on backing vocals and drums, and my father Clinton Brown on backing vocals and bass.”

Note:  I could not find a listing in the Billboard Hot 100 Charts book by Joel Whitburn for “Leavin’ Surf City” or the “Bubbling Under” the Hot 100 charts.  It most likely did receive local airplay on Denver stations and most likely some other local markets.  Earlier members of The Saints included Joe Hollenbock (sp?), Rich Kimble (sax) and sometimes teen drummer Joe Marisco.

Band Box 341 - Dave & Saints - Leavin Surf City Band Box 341 - Dave & Saints - Fever

Ernie Kemm

Ernie recorded in the mid 1960’s for Band Box releasing one single – Band Box #369 “Here Kitty Kitty” b/w the local reference “Larimer Square”.  Recently I came across what I believe is the only 10-inch release on Band Box – by Ernie Kemm titled “Hello Denver A Musical Review”.  It features ten cuts and it is not known if this record was released with a jacket.  You can read more about Kemm on the Blog site “Pueblo City Limits”.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Band Box 369 - Kemm, Ernie - Here Kitty Kitty Band Box 369 - Kemm, Ernie - Larimare Square


  1. Not sure what you mean by “the Leiber/Stoller version” of “Fever.” Leiber & Stoller produced a recording of “Fever” by Alvin Robinson, but they didn’t modify the song. Perhaps you’re thinking of Peggy Lee’s version of “Fever,” which L&S did not produce, and for which Lee wrote additional lyrics herself. (Ms. Lee was a very accomplished lyricist.)

    • Got mixed up on that one = thanks for the heads up – What relative are you? I am enthralled by Leiber and Stoller – Just read Hound Dog again for third time!

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