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The British Invasion: September 17th, 1966

April 12, 2013

The Belfast Gypsies…

were what remained of the Irish group Them – without lead singer Van Morrison.  They formed in 1965 and continued on with little success (none beyond “Gloria’s Dream”) in the U.S.  The group included former Them members Jackie McAuley (keyboards) who later went on to join The Freaks of Nature, and brother Patrick McAuley (drums).  Neither brother were original members of Them – both arriving to replace others in 1964 but they were present on some of the U.S. Them charting records.  The other two members were Ken McLeod (guitar) and Mark Scott (bass).

The Gypsies - Holding On to Them

The Gypsies – Holding On to Them

Invasion in the Billboard Top 30 – September 17th, 1966

(from Billboard Magazine)

(Number 1 Supremes – You Can’t Hurry Love – 2nd week #1)

Number 2 – Yellow Submarine – The Beatles (up from #3)

Number 3 – Sunshine Superman – Donovan (down from #2)

Number 4 – Bus Stop – The Hollies (up from #9)

Number 14 – Eleanor Rigby – The Beatles (up from #26)

Number 15 – Sunny Afternoon – The Kinks (up from #20)

Number 18 – Black Is Black – Los Bravos – (up from #27)

Hot 100 Debuts September 17th, 1966

Number 81 – All I See Is You – Dusty Springfield

Number 85 – See See Rider – The Animals

Number 95 – Changes – Crispian St. Peter

“Bubbling Under” the Hot 100

Number 101 – Just Like a Woman – Manfred Mann

Number 127 – The Belfast Gypsies – Gloria’s Dream

Global Beat

Wonderland - RUS Som Beat - BRZ Ronnie Bird & Blue Men - FR

Poochy (Russia) – Som (Brazil) – Ronnie Birds (France

Peter & the Blizzards - NED Mustangs - SPN Metro - HUN

The Blizzards (Netherlands) – The Mustangs (Spain) – Metro (Hungary

Lee, Dinah - OZ Layabouts - BEL Hound Dogs - SWE

Dinah Lee (Australia) – The Layabouts (Belgium) – The Hound Dogs (Sweden)

Gentlemen - FR Details - GER Buffoons

The Gentlemen (France) – The Details (Germany) – The Buffoons (unknown)

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