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Durango’s Lords of London

May 9, 2013

Western Slope Travelers – Dragonfly – The Legend & More!

Durango Colorado's Lords of London

Durango Colorado’s Lords of London

I am a collector of all things British Invasion as is evident by my British Invasion habit (Blog) – Always on the lookout for the obscure groups from that time period – 1964 – 1968.  And so I was delighted when I came across a group called The Lords of London!

I posted them as Invaders but it was soon brought to my attention by a “45 Cat” subscriber (“TokenHippie”) that I had discovered a Canadian group – which was okay by me.  They after all are cousins with the Brits.  Then Token followed up and sent me to YouTube where a discussion was going on about an entirely different group of Lords.  These Lords – it seems – were from the Western Slop town of Durango, Colorado – and pre-dated the Canadian Lords by a few years.


Now the confusion sets in.  Up pops a Blog post from a site call Psychedelicized – presenting a long drawn out narrative about a group called Dragonfly – or better – a group that was not really called Dragonfly.  Seems that the group behind this very collectible LP was a group called sometimes The Legend and sometimes the Jimerfield Legend – but were in fact the Durango group – The Lords of London!  This was around 1968 or so.  The group apparently found their way to the Colorado front range (Eastern Slope) and played venues in the late 1960’s including the famous Family Dog.

But at YouTube – there is a single being played by The Lords of London – “Little Lonely Summer Girl” and a discussion from a member of the band – the original bass player – Rodger Jones who went by “Lester Lukefodder”.  I managed to get in touch with him and he kindly sent me the photo of the original Lords shown above which included Tommy Beuten (standing in back), group leader Gerry Jimerfield (guitar), Sid Leavell (drums) and Rodger on the right side.

Rodger has no knowledge of the Dragonfly LP or any of the members of the group who played on that LP.  According to the Psychedelicized Blog site – Legend (or The Lords) consisted of Jimerfield, along with Barry Davis, Jack Duncan, Randy Russ and Ernie McElwaine.  Davis, Duncan and Russ had their roots in Texas bands.

But Rodger is not aware of any of these members – who appear to be a second rendition of The Lords.  Rodger reports “We were the original members, forming the band after Gerry and the Bluetones, a beer joint band we had in Durango in the early ’60’s. After I left, the bass player was Jerry Shoenfield – not sure of the spelling. We had no keyboard man in the original Lords of London. I did not know Barry, Jack or Ernie. In 1964-65 we recorded under the Lords of London name.”

The Psychedelicized article talks at length about the Lords time out in California in the late 1960’s.  I asked Rodger about that and he told me “We lived in Hollywood and North Hollywood and recorded at Wally Heider, Sunset Sound and Moonglow as well as a studio in El Monte – the name escapes me.  I left in 1966 and we did not record any LP prior to that.  As for the Dragonfly LP – I looked at it on-line and have no knowledge about it.”

Psychedelicized makes reference to the Dragonfly lineup working with Motown Records arranger Gene Page.  But the original Lords’ recordings of “The Sit Down Place” on Domain Cat #1421 was recorded in 1965 in California and was arranged by – Gene Page!

Collectors today pay 100’s of dollars for the Dragonfly LP.  Gerry Jimerfield has since passed away and no one knows where the other Dragonfly members might be.  Tommy and Sid both reside today in Durango.  My theory is that the Lords were reformed by Gerry in the late 1960’s and may or may not have used the name again – but might have opted for other names such as The Legend.

Here is the entire Psychedelicized Post.  Sort it out if you can.

Domain 1421 - Lords of London - The Sit Down Dance Domain 1421 - Lords of London - Broken Heart CODDomain 1423 - Lords of London - Lonely Summer GirlDomain 1423 - Lords of London - The Cowboydragonfly


  1. Gerry, my father, did form a new band in the late 60s. It was The Legend. At times they went by The Jimerfield Legend too. I do not have any of the music from his time with the Lords of London. If you have contact information for any of those members I would love to get in touch with them.

    More of the story can be found here… http://shanej.com/the_legend/

  2. I met your Dad in Durango in early 70’s.
    He was a legend in those parts.
    Sorry for your loss.
    He played my guitar and Bassman amp, sitting in at a gig I had at the Slipper once and time stood still.
    I played in a band with his cousin Jimmy Johnson with a coupla guys from Maine and totally loved Durango!
    Say hi and all my love please to Jimmy if he is still kickin’.
    Tino Liakas

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