From the Land of Band Box Records

Atco Records

June 11, 2013

The Premier Atlantic Record Family of Labels

Atlantic’s Atco records were the lighter pop side of the great independent label’s catalog in the beginning with releases by the Coasters and Bobby Darin, but over the life of the label (1957 through to the end in 1984) the diversity of artists musical outpouring was simply astounding and typical of label founder Ahmet Ertegun (and brother Neshui).  The great writing team of Mike Stoller and Jerry Leiber contributed mightily to the label’s output with their early Coaster compositions (and much more).

Visit the Atco Records page for a gallery of the Long Plays issued by Atlantic – Return often as the gallery will continue to grow!

Atco 33-130 - Ingmann Atco 33-138 - Darin Atco 33-135 - Coasters Atco 33-224 - Vanilla Fudge Atco 281 - Various Atco - 323 - Gibb, Robin

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