From the Land of Band Box Records

George Moss

August 16, 2013

Band Box LP 1005

I picked up this Band Box LP recently on a tip from Colorado Music Hall of Fame board member, Dr. George Krieger.  It is Band Box 1005 with side 1 performances by The Dixieland Chain Gang and side 2 by the George Mosse Quartet, a combo out of Dallas, TX which includes members of the Dixieland Chain Gang.  The recording session was apparently conducted at the Chalet Supper Club in Dallas, but the cover notes state “Recorded in the Atmosphere of the Chalet Supper Club For Your Dancing And Listening Pleasure” which I suppose leaves the door open to this being recorded in Denver.

The Band Box connection (beyond carrying the label) is referenced on the back liner notes “Under the guidance of T.J. Jefferies, owner of the Chalet Supper Club, one of the Nation’s top show spots and Vicky Morosan of Band Box Records, Denver, Colorado, George Mosse put his talent to work.  George wanted a good dance album.”  The label address pre-dates the future Band Box studio address which was at 41st and Sheridan – carrying the Morosan Lakewood, Colorado address of 1155 Reed Street – her residence – but not a recording studio.  It is known that Band Box worked out of different Denver area studios including an early location down on Broadway.  And it is rumored that Band Box may have cut additional sides in locations outside of Colorado, possibly in Tennessee or Texas.

This was George Mosse’ only release on Band Box and no 45’s were released from the LP or otherwise.  He has no other records listed on the massive 45 database – 45 Cat (Catalog).

Band Box Logo Designer Clifford Mitchell

The Cover art is definitely the signature style of Band Box logo creator Clifford Mitchell.  Vicky Morosan’s granddaughter – Terri Hale learned that Mitchell was indeed the graphic artist responsible for all the Band Box family of labels logo design as well as many long play covers.


Band Box 1005 LPR1 - Mosse, George  - Copy Band Box 1005 LPR2 - Mosse, George  - Copy

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