From the Land of Band Box Records

Record Collecting: Part 2

November 2, 2013

Where’s Neil?  There He Is!

Neil YoungNeil Young w lettering

Neil’s Young’s first solo album – titled “Neil Young” was released in 1968.  The album cover only carried his likeness – no name at the top.  That was added more than a year later in 1970 on a reissue.  In between – a second version of the “no name” LP was released which contained a different mix on four of the tracks.

Collectors seek the first version of course.  Current price guides assign a hefty $200 price tag for a “mint” copy.  The re-mix version is listed at $60 and the 1970 issue a mere $15.  Recent copies of the Young first version have easily brought in well over the $200 amount – one as high as $282 in February of 2013!

Neil’s first appearance on the LP Billboard Charts was with Crazy Horse “Everybody Knows This is Nowhere” which charted June 21st, 1969 running for 98 weeks and peaking at # 34.  His debut with CSN&Y was “Deja Vu” which reached in #1 position in the Spring of 1970.  That LP was on the charts for 91 weeks.

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