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Record Collecting: Part 3

November 3, 2013

“You Can’t Do That!”

First Price Guide

The “Record Collector’s Price Guide” 1st Edition was published by collector extraordinaire – Jerry Osborne.  That first guide from 1976 was published at a time not-so-distant from the oldies era it intended to represent.  In the case of the first guide – the target range years were 1950 through 1965 – what Osborne referred to at the time as “The Golden Age of the 45”.  I remember “used record lists” which you could send away for from dealers with prices which would cause tremendous salivating in today’s world – future highly collectible records going for and dollar or two!  Then came the price guide putting some order to the hobby.

And my how things have changed.  A few examples:

“Skinny Jim” b/w “Half Loved” on Crest 1026 by Eddie Cochran – Mint value 1976: $25 – In the last decade this singles has sold for $500 and in good condition easily over $200

“Dreamland Last Night” b/w “My Little Darling” by Dicky Doyle – Mint Value 1976: $12 – Easily fetches $250 today

Which brings us to the Fab Four – Here is one example: “Can’t Buy Me Love” b/w “You Can’t Do That” from 1964 – The price guide didn’t even bother to list the picture sleeve value which was sparsely distributed in the U.S.  But a copy could be had for around $20.  Today?  $700 is easily possible and much more for a mint copy.  But beware – Almost all Beatle collectible vinyl has been booted.  Take a look below and visit the Beatle Repros web site.

This one’s the real deal:

014-cap-5150-a-03-641[1] 014-cap-5150-b-03-641[1]

Buyer Beware: (click on the image to visit web site)

Can't Buy Boogus


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