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Record Collecting: Part 4

November 5, 2013

The Flame Cover – Seedy Ceeds – Colorado Garage!

Skynyrd Flames Skynyrd no Flames

Lynyrd Skynyrd – a Jacksonville, Florida group – released “Street Survivors” in October of 1977 it entered the charts on November 5th, 1977.  Shortly after it’s release and before it actually charted – as everyone knows their plane went down killing Ronnie Van Zant, Steve Gaines and his wife vocalist Cassie Gaines.  And so a collectible was born the “Flame Cover”.  It was recalled and reissued as shown above.  But unlike many vinyl collectibles – was readily available to would-be buyers.  Copies have gone for as high as $700 in the past but generally a $200 to $300 figure for a sealed copy – not mint – but sealed is the rule. If you are interested – here is one narrative of the tragic crash.

The Ceeds (from Colorado)

Ceeds - Ember 1001 - 66 A

The Ceeds were a Colorado Springs band who usually performed as The Seeds.  For this Emlar Records release they chose “The Ceeds” perhaps to avoid confusion with the “You’re Pushin’ Too Hard” group by the same name but since that didn’t chart until late 1966 you have to wonder since this record was also released in 1966.  It was backed with the track “You Won’t Do That”.  “Too Many People” was penned by Jim Pons who may be the same Pons who was a member of The Leaves and later The Turtles.

This single is highly sought after – especially by European vinyl collectors.  I sold a copy in the late 1990’s which I obtained at a local Denver flea market for a quarter!  It was unplayed and drew a lot of bidding attention finally selling for $400-Plus.  Prices over the last 5 years or so have settled to the $200 range.  No copies have surfaced on EBay in the past four years or so and none in unplayed condition have been put up since I sold mine.

Visit my new Colorado garage groups pages for a fun and nostalgic glance at the 60’s bands and acts from the Mile High State.  Maybe you can help me locate some of the long-forgotten bands.

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