From the Land of Band Box Records

Record Collecting: Part 4

November 8, 2013

Thumbs Up for The Five Keys!

Five Keys airbrushed FiveKeys_controv[1]

Their moment in the sun should have been with the success of their 1951 hit “The Glory of Love” which topped the R&B charts in the summer of that year – running at the number 1 position for a month.  Later in 1955 through 1956 they again entered the top twenty on 7 additional occasions – though their releases would never cross over to the pop charts.

But it was their 1957 Capitol LP release “The Five Keys on Stage” which commanded the collector’s spotlight.  The first release of the LP depicts a group member’s thumb extending at what was eventually thought by the pure of mind to be his personal member.  Of course it was not.  The cover was corrected via airbrush.  Ironically record prices guides place a higher value on the more difficult to find airbrushed version ($500 vs. $300).

But the novelty of a junior high school approach to this collectible has worn off.  Neither version of the LP are much in demand these days.  Big prices are sought on EBay but the collecting public rarely pays $100 plus for either.

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