From the Land of Band Box Records

Chuck Thomas & The Four Chevelles

November 21, 2013

There is some mystery revolving around the Band Box group known as The Four Chevelles. They are a highly collectible R&B harmony group and original pressings of their two Band Box recordings can fetch $100 PLUS prices – Recently their Band Box recording of “I Know” b/w “I Can’t Believe” sold on Ebay for over $200. Interestingly – the Four Chevelles sides were all composed by Band Recording artist Chuck Thomas. Thomas has three singles released on Band Box as well – one attributing his back-up group to the yet another Band Box group Freddie and the Hitch-Hikers. All of these are shown below.

Giving a quick listen to the Chuck Thomas sides – it sounds as though his “Let Our Hearts Be Our Guides” possibly is strongly backed by The Four Chevelles.  I suspect that Thomas was a member of that group.  He goes solo on “What Happened” as well as the flip “What Can I Do”.  On “Why Baby” Chuck is backed by a female group.  The Four Chevelles’ “This is Our Wedding Day” does not sound like Chuck being in the lead but the flip side “Darling Forever” sounds like a dead ringer for his voice.

I have spoken with Freddie and The Hitch-Hiker drummer – Larry Higgins – regarding the reference to “Johnny & The Hitchhikers” backing on “Why Baby” as well as “Let Our Hearts Be Our Guide” and he says that his Hitch-Hikers never recorded with Chuck Thomas, and further – that they never met or saw him or heard of him.

So that’s that – Need some information about these Four Chevelles along with Chuckie.

four-chevelles-this-is-our-wedding-day-band-boxfour-chevelles-darling-forever-band-box four-chevelles-i-cant-believe-band-box

chuck-thomas-what-can-i-do-band-box chuck-thomas-what-happened-baby-band-box chuck-thomas-with-johnny-and-the-hitchhikers-let-our-hearts-be-our-guide-band-box chuck-thomas-with-johnny-and-the-hitchhikers-why-baby-band-box

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