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November 26, 2013

Just obtained this KIMN weekly radio survey sheet from a Pueblo resident.  The date is February 8th, 1961.  This copy is signed by the entire Boss Jock lineup including:

  • Morgan ‘Pogo Poge’ White – deceased
  • Glen ‘Boogie’ Bell – also ‘Bells-a-Poppin”
  • ‘Smilin” Jack Merker – deceased
  • ‘Jolly’ Roger Barkley – deceased
  • Roy ‘The Bellboy’ Gunderson – deceased
  • ‘Tiny’ Tim Tindall
  • Bruce ‘Happy Holiday’ Holland
  • Dave Rodgers – deceased

This was a truly great radio line-up – there would be others – but these guys set the pace!

KIMN 1961 - 02-08-61 - B - Copy

Here is everyone – minus Happy Holiday and Rodgers (from the KIMN Tribute Web Site)

Glen Bell Jack Merker Pogo Poge Roger Barkley Roy Gunderson Tim Tindall

One Comment

  1. Cool eBay find! Nice score.

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