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Woman Hunt on Fabulous KIMN

January 1, 2014

Ed and Patricia – Fellow Travelers?

I posted this back in 2014 after I picked up these two KIMN surveys somewhere in my adventures.  Up until the Patti Hearst survey – the only other time I remember KIMN’s weekly survey sheet being anywhere near approaching an activist cause was when they took a stand against bull fighting – not in Mexico – but right here in Colorado!

Check out the very young future Denver weatherman Ed Greene had his own rockin’ time slot on The Denver Tiger.  And I guess the feds figured if Patty was going to show up anywhere it would be somewhere around the KIMN studios where just about everything else took place.

KIMN - 1974 - 05-11 - F

Just a recap here – Patty Hearst was abducted by the Symbionese Liberation Army in 1974 out of her (where else) Berkeley, California home.  Just shy of her 20th birthday, she was in their custody of 19 months.

The group (SLA) was actually formed and sponsored by a (who else) University of California at Berkeley professor with the initial goal of assisting black prison inmates.  Before long that goal was sort of pushed aside in favor of demolishing the United States.

Oddly, the group which started off with a primarily black membership – devolved by the time of the infamous kidnapping to a primarily white and primarily female sect.  The SLA abduction was headed up by leader Donald Defreeze a former prison convict.  A fact sort of lost in the story was that Patty had actually met Defreeze a full year prior to her abduction and prior to his joining the SLA.

Remember the audio messages from Patty who by then seemed to be a full-time participant in the SLA shenanigans, including a bank robbery where she was video taped brandishing a machine gun.

If that wasn’t enough – later in the Spring of 1974 Hearst was involved in an incident when two of her SLA cohorts were confronted outside a sporting goods store after a theft attempt – In the scuffle – Patty picked up a weapon discharging the magazine into the air – and then fired several shoots very close to the store manager.

Well this just on and on – Patty helped constructed bombs -assisting with kidnappings – etc., etc., and was finally caught after six SLA members were killed during a gunfight and fire – in September of 1975.  At that time she described herself as an “urban gorilla”.  She was sentenced to 35 years in prison – reduced then to seven years – The sentence was commuted by President Jimmy Carter in 1979 – and received a full pardon in 2001 by President Clinton.

Since all of this Patty has written a book – appeared in films – worked in charities and fundraisers, trained and shown dogs and even had an opera created with her as the subject.


KIMN - 1974 - 07-13 - F

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