From the Land of Band Box Records

Infal = Infallibles

January 11, 2014


I found this EBay Post last week – which finally told me a little bit more about the Commerce City record label – Infal:

“(The) label (was) owned by Victor Manuel Hernandez Rodriguez, with studio first located at his home on Bellaire Street in Commerce City; named Infal Records, for ‘Infallibles’ which means ‘will never fail…’. Later moved to downtown Denver and finally to Federal Blvd.”


  1. Here’s what I have:
    104 Trio Potosino
    120 Nelson Brito
    128 Los 5 Diamentes
    140 Eulogio Montoya
    147 Fabulous Raindrops
    158 Los Populares
    167 Eulogio Montoya
    190 El Gavilan Norento
    193 Luisa Mendoza
    200 Ortencia Villarreal

    • First I have seen for several of these – Did you notice the “Band Box” publishing mark on the Infal label? I just saw it.

    • Would love to get label scans of 104, 120, 147, 158, 167, 190, 193 and 200 (almost all of them) to place on the 45 Catalog if you should ever have some time to do that. Much appreciated!

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