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January 27, 2014

Recently, while visiting the ancient city of St. Augustine Florida, I came across this eccentric and eclectic artist who has come up with a very cute idea.  Here’s how it works.  The non-artist is assigned an animal topic to sketch.  The artist assigns the topic.  Then, on an email signal – a timer commences.  You – the non-artist have exactly 8 minutes to sketch the assigned creature.  You are not allowed to look up examples or copy anything.  You must complete your rendition of the assigned creature and email it promptly back to the artist within the time allotted.  If you fail to make the time deadline – all bets are off!

Then – within a few days – your non-art is transformed into a wonderful and amazing card!  Below are two examples of this remarkable process – first showing the original sketches followed by the transformation.  These make wonderful pieces of folk art – very personable – cute and cuddly.  The original sketches are mounted on the inside of the card with the transformed figures decorating the outside card.

Mom Art:

Mom Art 2

Mom Art 1

Dad Art

Daddy Art 2

Daddy Art 1

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