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KIMN Radio & “The Beach Boy Connection”

March 24, 2014

When I first heard the “Fabulous KIMN” Jingle in the 1960’s I thought it could possibly be by the Beach Boys or a pretty good imitation at that.  It turns out that it was a bit of both.  The jingle was delivered by the surf and hot rod duo – Bruce & Terry who were Bruce Johnston and Terry Melcher.

Bruce of course went on to become a Beach Boy when Brian Wilson opted from live concert travel and performance.  The duo has a rich-running history in the music industry.  They were the front men for what was primarily a studio group – The Rip Chords.  They charted with “Here I Stand”, “Gone”, “Hey Little Cobra” (co writer Jan Berry of Jan & Dean), “Custom Machine” (written by Brian Wilson), “Three Window Coupe”, “Summer Means Fun” (Bruce & Terry) and finally “One Piece Topless Bathing Suit” all released from 1963 through 1964.  Bruce Johnston started off a Del Fi records as a producer and worked with Ron Holden (“Love You So” #7 in April of 1960).  I saw Holden perform his only hit in 1971 in a Dick Clark Caravan of Stars  He passed away in 1997.  Johnston released several singles in the early 1960’s on the Donna label as a solo act.

They barely charted with “Carmen” (#107 in 1965) released on the Columbia label where they did most of their recording.

Terry Melcher (who was Doris Day’s son) produced other acts including the Byrds and Paul Revere & The Raiders.  For a few recordings, Bruce and Terry performed as The Rogues releasing “Everyday” a Buddy Holly song in 1965 – which peaked at number 101 and a second Holly release “Everyday” which failed to chart.  Melcher was in the news for a time via his encounter with Charlie Manson.  Terry also released some solo singles for Columbia as Terry Day in the early 1960’s and then later on RCA in the 1970’s.  Terry co-wrote the Beach Boy hit “Kokomo”.  He died in 2004 from a skin cancer.

Here is a link to the Moonraker’s web site – Just scroll down to the two KIMN Jingle links.



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