From the Land of Band Box Records

UNI Records – A Unique Experience

April 7, 2014

UNI Records was formed in 1966 and was officially titled “Universal City Records”.  I have always been fascinated by this diverse label which released many psychedelic-like and flower-pop oriented recordings by an intriguing set of artists.  Entering into the 1970’s – Neil Diamond and Elton John stepped to the forefront to anchor the label – but it still managed to release some very interesting sides.  Olivia Newton-John, The Osmond Brothers, Cliff Richard and Bill Cosby were just a sampling.  Here is an interesting account of the UNI label which later melted into the MCA family.  UNI survived until 1973 before being absorbed by the MCA brand.

I am also fond of UNI for signing local Colorado groups such as the Boenzee Cryque and The Rainy Daze.  Also Colorado related group The Strawberry Alarm Clock enjoying writing support from University of Colorado students Tim Gilbert and John Carter hit the number 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 with “Incense and Peppermints”.  Visit the growing UNI 45’s 1960’s page to view the collection.

UNI 55039 - 11-67 B UNI 55035 - 10-67 B

UNI 55023 PS A UNI 55026 V - 7-67 A

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