From the Land of Band Box Records

A Whale of A Band Box Tale

April 11, 2014

A fellow 45 Catalog member pointed by to this rather interesting article regarding Band Box owner Vicky Morosan and her brush with history.  Here is an excerpt – I have posted a page containing the full article.

JackRuby“The assassination of President John F. Kennedy not only altered the course of a country, but had a real effect on the lives of many ordinary people.

Richard P. Colanzi, formerly of 13th and Mifflin streets, and now a record promoter in Nashville, was one of those affected by Jack Ruby’s murder of alleged Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

It was November 1963 and Colanzi, a graduate of Southern High School, was doing record promotion for Myers Music Inc. publishing company at 208 N. Broad St. His boss, Jimmy Myers, another Philadelphian, had written the all-time classic, “Rock Around the Clock,” a few years earlier.

“The first week in November 1963 I get a call from Vicky Morrison in Dallas, Tex. She owned a company called Band Box Records and a recording studio in Denver, Colo.,” said Colanzi. “She was very excited: ‘Dick, I have just left a gentleman named Jack Ruby, who owns the Carousel Club. He is an influential man with a lot of connections.’ “

Read the entire article here

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