From the Land of Band Box Records

Farewell to Penny

June 4, 2014

Band Box Recording Artist Passes

STARCREST 66 - DEHAVEN PENNY - AFor some time I have been watching a new web site which was under construction but never was completed.  The site was to belong to country-music recording artist Penny DeHaven (birth name Charlotte DeHaven).  Penny’s first recording success came on the Band Box Label “A Grain of Salt” which reach number 69 on the Country Charts in early 1967.  The song was recorded in late 1966 probably in her home state and released on Band Box 372.  A third Band Box recording was released in this very same time period with Penny and Van Trevor teaming up with country singer/producer Johnny Dollar on a Christmas promotional safety message release – with each artist extending one message.   Now, all three of these country artists have passed away.  A seriously ill (cancer) and despondent Johnny Dollar took his own life in 1986.

Band Box owner Vicky Morosan was proactive in scouring the country venues for artists and rights to releases and thus the Van Trevor/Penny Starr signings.

It seems very likely that this single was recorded simultaneously with a session which included Van Trevor who likely recorded “Our Side” during that time on Band Box 371.  Penny recorded under the name Penny Starr at the time and was a mere teenager.  She would go on to experience 16 charting records most peaking in the lower to mid section of the country charts.  Her biggest hit was “Land Mark Tavern” where she partnered up with Del Reeves.  The song reached #20.

Her new web site was not to be.  Penny passed away after battling cancer on February 23rd, of 2014.   You can read her obituary here.  The picture sleeve above is from 1976 – “(The Great American) Classic Cowboy” which reached number 83 in August of that year.

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