From the Land of Band Box Records

Fairwell to Local Musicians

November 16, 2014

The Denver Eye Blog Site paid tribute recently to the passing of rock-a-billy cat Willie Lewis.  I learned from my recent reunion meeting with old school rockers that both Embert Mishler and Joe Aparicio also both passed away this year (2104).

Band Box - Mishler, Embert

Embert recorded on several local labels including Band Box, Studio 40 and Ronny Kae’s Drum City.  Embert migrated to Denver in the 1950’s and would become a local star performing with his “Riders of the Rockies” on KFEL TV and KLAK radio stations.  Mishler is an inductee into the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame along with 9 other Band Box artists.

Band Box - Mishler, Embert 02

Joe Aparicio was a guitarist for Denver’s “Daleks” and later with “The Syndicate”.  He joined drummer Larry Higgins in both groups.  The Daleks performed regularly at Sam’s on Lookout Mountain west of Denver high above Golden, Colorado.  Joe and Larry remained close friends throughout.


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  1. The family of Embert Mishler appreciate the kind momento posted on the site. Cissy

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