From the Land of Band Box Records

Three for the Road on Band Box

December 1, 2014

Three country singers who found their way onto the Band Box label were Johnny Dollar, Van Trevor and Penny Starr (Penny DeHaven).  All three appeared on a single promotional release – Band Box 373 – with three public service Holiday greetings: “Xmas Greetings” by Van Trevor, “Holiday Driving” by Penny Starr and “Holiday Safety” by Johnny Dollar.

BAND BOX 373 (1) BAND BOX 373 (2)

Bamd Box - Dollar, Johnny dec 1986Band Box Act - Penny StarrBand Box - Van Trevor 05

None of these artists ever made their way into the Band Box studio but cut these sides most likely in Nashville.  Van and Penny were very young at the time and just launching their careers.  Both would land their first country hits on Band Box – Penny with “A Grain of Salt” which charted on Band Box 372 in January of 1967 reaching number 69.  Van Trevor would chart twice on national country charts – Band Box 367 – “Born to Be In Love With You” April, 1966 – #22 and then followed by Band Box 371 “Our Side” – November, 1966 – #27.

Penny would soon change her name to Penny DeHaven and go on to chart 16 additional times.  Van Trevor would chart country 6 additional times – recording for Date records for a time – as did Johnny Dollar.  Dollar would chart 8 times nationally through the years and recorded and produced for many labels.  He made his way through Colorado for a brief period of time.  Dollar struggled with depression and had his ups and downs in the music business.

Johnny Dollar was born in Kilgore Texas and passed away in 1986.  Van Trevor was born in 1940 in Lewiston Maine and died in 2006.  Penny DeHaven was born in Winchester, Virginia and passed away in 2014.

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