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Motown Label On Vinyl

December 12, 2014

Motown Long Plays Posted for Your Viewing Pleasure

I have completed my postings of the Motown Vinyl Long Plays from the 1960’s through the 1990’s at which point releases went to cassette and CD formats for the most part with a few exception with chart positions (if they charted) and weeks on the charts.  The Supremes and The Four Tops anchored this label up until the entry of the Jackson family in 1970.  The Tamla label preceded Motown by about one year and actually was the solid anchor in the Motown family of labels.  The Tamla pages are under construction.

Visit Motown LP’s 1960’s Visit Motown LP’s 1970’s Visit Motown 1980’s and beyond

Motown 693 - Various Motown 687A - Jackson, Chuck Motown 685A - Ruffin, David Motown 672 - Supremes Motown 680 - McNair Motown 669 - Four Tops OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Motown 630 - Soundtrack Motown 613 - Gaye & Wells Motown 607A - Wells, Mary Motown 608A - Milburn, Amos Motown 606A - V1 - Supremes

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