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Peter Taylor from Denver’s Fuzz

January 10, 2015


Peter Taylor – drummer from Thornton’s Fuzz (mid 1960’s) sent in the following story relating to his group.  If anyone has any other information related to the Fuzz please contact me.

“We were playing at the Denver Buddhist Center in that picture (below). The one band member not in the picture was the keyboard player, Don Sterkel – you can see the edge of his piano on the far right of the photo. We all attended Thornton High School, except senior year, when a couple of us went to the brand new Northglenn HS which just opened (class of 1967).

None of us played in another band before Fuzz, nor after (during that period of time). I’ve been playing in bands over the last 10 years, but nothing since Fuzz till now. I was drummer and lead singer then and am now harp and guitar and vocals.

My most memorable event from that most amazing musical time was playing the Denver coliseum for the KIMN battle of the bands. As I recall bands were selected by number of votes turned in by fans. We had vote signing events in our high school gym where boxes and boxes of ballots were turned in by our loyal fans (what fun!).

I’ve never played before so many people in my life and probably never will. We opened with “Feel a Whole Lot Better” by the Byrds and it felt great!! Again, hoping memory serves me, I recall both Thrush and our band Fuzz were selected to cut a record as part of the “win”. Don Whitley (sp?) out of LA, I think, was to fly back to the coast and we would hear later on how to proceed with record contract. We later heard that his small plane had crashed on the way back to Calif. and he was killed.

If any of this is verifiable, I would sure love to find out for sure. After a lot of time, stories can become fuzzy when never hearing anyone else tell the same story. I haven’t been in touch with the guys to reaffirm this. Our lead guitar player, Gary Seastone died a few years ago (I miss him). Don Yamamoto, bass guitar, is living in California, near San Francisco. Henry Vera, rhythm guitar still lives in Northglenn. I believe Don Sterkel, keyboard, is living in Boulder or Denver but I’ve not been able to contact him.

I’m Peter Taylor, drummer and lead vocals and I live now in Crestone, CO where lots of music is to be found, including the Crestone Music Festival (Crestfest.org). I’ll see if I can track down a photo or two for you.”


  1. My dad is donald sterkel and he lives in Lafayette co. He did play keyboard and drums after fuzz and I am an aspiring singer as well. I am hoping to work with shadycrecords in the future. Please email me. I’d love to chat..

  2. Pete, I went to Northglenn and remember you and the band very well. I missed the last reunion a few years back but I heard you all played again. I remember your duet in the assembly with Gayle and the battle of the bands.
    All the times I saw the Fuzz, it was you, Gary, Henry, and Joe Mascaranas played bass.
    Thanks for the memories and here’s to making many more
    Rod Martin

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