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Pamela Jean the Rock and Roll Machine!

January 24, 2015

Pamela Jean the Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine!

Now I turn to my older sister (much, much older) who came of age during the Frankie Laine, Patti Page, Tommy Sands era.  I give her credit for introducing our household in Denver, Colorado to Elvis Presley vinyl.  One that I particularly remember is the RCA extended play with “Old Shep” on it – previously a Red Foley hit.  The Presley EP was released in December of 1956 and the cut of “Old Shep” charted and peaked at number 47.

(Below is The Pamela Jean as a teenager with our mom and dad – Helen and Warren)

PJ 01

I spoke of Frank Sinatra’s 160-Plus chart records.  Anyone care to guess the Elvis’ number?  The King charted 289 times with a re-release of “Suspicious Minds” being is latest – #123 in the U.K. in 2013.


Back to PJ:  Another record I recall that she brought home was “Sing Boy Sing” by Tommy Sands.  Sands was marketed by Capitol Records as a teen sensation but he didn’t really have the rock and roll flair.  But I remember playing the single many times at our home.  Tommy probably faired better as an actor than a singer.


I recall Pam listening to the huge hit record “Sukiyaki” at home singing along with the chorus delivering what she told me was the “English translation”.  According to Pam  “Hitoribotchi no yoru” translated quite easily to “She’s only four years old”.  The actual translation of that line is “Remembering those summer days”.  (“Sukiyaki” was a number 1 hit in the U.S. – notice the two different spellings)

Oh well, that is Rock and Roll.


Finally it was a great day at our house in west Denver when Pam came down from the University of Colorado Campus for the weekend and unpacked a 45 from her bag.  It was CU’s Astronaut’s debut single on the Palladium label “Come Along Baby” b/w “Tryin’ To Get to You”.  Pam – who was entering the CU School of Nursing – told me that she obtained a copy at the CU Student Union – Don’t know if they were free or if she paid or shoplifted a copy.  This was in 1961 some time – The record was released in May of that year.

Astronauts - Pal 610 B - 5-61 Astronauts - Pal 610 A- 5-61

I want to wish Pam a happy birthday!  I love you!

(Here she is with our mom and granny Addams)



  1. Craig,
    Where’s the pic of you and your sister? All families in those days had “sibling” shots taken….

    • In Hawaii for the past month – and no access to those photos – but will round them up once back in Denver to share – Hope all is well Fred – Happy Picture Sleeving in 2015 – Is the book getting near?

  2. Thank you for sharing all these interesting anecdotes from long ago.It brings back so many happy memories.I am now 73 and was a DJ in Brisbane in the early 60’s so I can recall reading about a lot of your articles..Keep them coming,I really enjoy them

    • Geoff
      Were you on the radio or dances? Perhaps both? Can you share a memory or two regarding any musicians you may have met that stand out?

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