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January 27, 2015

Checkin’ The Charts

Nearly 150 Billboard Ads now residing in my “Checkin’ The Charts R-S” page!  Check them Out!

Sundowners - 07-67 - Always Up Stevens, Ray PLUS - 08-60 - Sergeant Preston Stawberry Alarm Clock - 1969 CB - Barefoot in Baltimore Spyders - Vallejo Vets Hall Soul Sisters - 02-64 - I Can't Stand It Snap11

Beatle’s Sheet Music

There’s a new Beatle Sheet Music Page – currently with nearly 150 pieces.

Please Mr. Postman Ringo's Theme Paperback Writer Piggies Savoy TruffleRocky Raccoon

“Off Beat” 45’s Now Complete

Nearly 900 45 images have been added to the various British Invasion U.S. record label releases (non-charting).  Visit the British Invasion Index Page and scroll down to the links or use the upper navigation bar.  I will be adding more to this listing in the future.

69-10 - UNIT GLORIA 68-12 - SMALL FACES - A 68-06 - RITCHIE T B 68-03 - TEN YEARS AFTER A 67-12 - WYMAN A 67-08 - PAUPERS A 67-07 - PINK FLOYD A 67-04 - TWIGGY B

More Motown LP’s

Working still on the Motown 1970’s LP page – More being added daily

Motown 756A - Supremes Motown 735A - Jackson 5 Motown 736A - Supremes & Four Tops Motown 704A - Four Tops Motown 713A - Jackson 5 Motown 716A - Ding Dongs

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