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Louise Caldwell Harrison Pitches an Unknown Group – 1963 – & then a very Famous Group – 1965

March 13, 2015

Sister of Beatle George Harrison Came to Denver

Yes – the sister of Beatle George rambled into Denver in late 1964 and sat down with KIMN DJ’s to answer questions about her famous brother and his cohorts.  Here is an account of an earlier effort to promote an up-til-then unknown Fab Four in the U.S.  “Not long after settling in southern Illinois in 1963, an ocean from her native England, Louise Harrison Caldwell trudged from one radio station to the next lobbying for air time for her brother’s quartet. Revered in Britain, the group was virtually unknown in America — and her promotion fizzled.”  Read the entire story at the Las Vegas Review Journal article from early 2014 – Louise is now in her 80’s!

The KIMN survey below is from November 11th, 1964 when Louise visited the Sloans Lake studios.

Louise Harrison Caldwell

KIMN 1964 - 11-11-64 - F

KIMN 1964 - 11-11-64 - B


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