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The Invasion & Del Shannon

April 3, 2015

From Me to You & I Go To Pieces

I was fortunate to see Del Shannon in concert in the 1970’s at “The Turn of the Century” where he performed as a supporting act for headliner Ricky Nelson.  Del came out – faced the audience and promptly ground out his great music one after another with very little in between dialogue – bringing the audience to its feet repeatedly.

Del Shannon toured the U.K. often at after one tour returned to the United States where he promptly recorded and released a song which caught his attention while in the U.K.  The song was “From Me To You”.  The song charted in the United States Hot 100 entering the charts on June 29th, 1963 – and peaking at #77.  It would be the very first track to hit the U.S. charts nearly 9 months in advance of the Beatles Charting with “I Want to Hold Your Hand” in January, 1964.  The Beatles did place their own “From Me To You” on the charts for a brief period of time – on August 13th, 1963 – reaching only number 116.

Del then promptly contributed a gem composing “I Go To Pieces” which charted for Peter & Gordon reaching number in early 1965 in the U.S.  It is my favorite Peter & Gordon song – and I easily can hear Del Shannon when I listen to this song.  Many artists recorded the song over time as did Del.  Del Shannon sadly took his own life in 1980 after an ongoing bout with depression.  Here is a full-length Del Shannon biography.

Here is Del Shannon performing “From Me To You” followed by Peter & Gordon’s “I Go to Pieces” & then Del Shannon’s own version.

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