From the Land of Band Box Records

Invasion-Era Videos: Terry Dene

April 7, 2015

Terry Dene was for a time christened “The British Elvis” – A bad behavior incident propelled him into the “bad boy” image in the late 1950’s – and a follow up inscription and subsequent discharge from the British army compounded the image – but the damage was done by a relentless press – and Dene finally turned his back on the pop world in the mid 1960’s turning his attention to evangelism.  My introduction to Terry Dene came via a trip through one of the local antique malls here in Denver – when I located a movie theater poster for “The In-Between Age”.  Dene headed up an “all star British musical lineup including Sonny Stewart’s Skiffle Kings, The Teddy Kennedy Group, Don Rendell’s Six, David Jacobs, Lee Patterson, Mary Steele, Linda Gray, Nancy Whiskey.


I love this video with Terry performing “This Golden Age” – Terry sort of reminds me a a young Martin Sheen – The backing teenagers in this soda fountain are so cool – actually serving as the background singers.  Not sure what the grumpy old guy toward the end of the video has to do with anything – other than an non-approving and scornful adult.

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