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Some Colorado Things

June 11, 2015

Just a few things that have come my way or to my attention lately relating to the Colorado side of the site.

Doug Hole & the Saints

Turns out that this Band Box group started off as “Doug & the Saints” for a brief period of time (1958).  Doug says he departed in 1959 and he did confirm that he appeared on the Tony Larson release “Cool Yule” (Band Box 231) which was most likely recorded during the time frame.

This photo is from James’ Durkee’s “Sunday at the Memories” web site showing the original Saint lineup

The Original Saints - 1959

The Original Saints – 1959

And this second photo is of Doug Hole’s first group pre-dating the Saints by about one year before the arrival of Dave Barhite and Joe Holonbek (guitars).

"Double Dougs & The Boom Booms - Doug Hole on Sax"

“Double Dougs & The Boom Booms – Doug Hole on Sax”

Mando & The Chili Peppers

This is a great photo from the “Sunday at the Memories” site showing Mando & the Chili Peppers after their settling in the Denver area.


This lineup shows band members George Sandoval, Armando Amendarez, Joe Elizondo and Andy Martinez which may have pre-dated their 1957 Denver arrival where they were – for a time – managed by boxer and activist Corky Gonzalez.

Chuck Dockery

Chuck Dockery is a rockabilly artist – not from the local area but who ended up with a release on Band Box – There are several cuts by Dockery posted on YouTube.  Many Band Box artists were not local and did not record in the Band Box studio on Sheridan.  Band Box owner Vicky Morosan was a ‘Jackie of all trades’ and she traveled extensively distributing records to radio stations and looking for talent.  It is not surprising that she cut so many tracks from artists from as far as the East Coast of America.


Band Box 383 - Dockery, Chuck - Don't Cry NowBand Box 383 - Dockery, Chuck - Turned On Tuned In and Dropped Out


Here’s Dockery performing “Baby Let’s Dance” (same song as “Let’s Dance”.

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